High performance fabric

A wide variety of fabric types for every requirement

  • dobby fabric
  • jacquard fabric
  • ribbon fabric

On request

  • equipped,
  • flame laminated,
  • adhesive laminated,
  • wide rolled,
  • cut to size

Typical applications

  • passenger cars
  • commercial vehicles
  • motorhomes


  • seat cover fabric
  • door trim fabric
  • armrest fabric
  • headrest fabric
  • technical fabric for special requirements

Innovative yarn constructions & qualities

  • fiber yarns
  • textured yarns
  • monofilaments
  • flock yarns


  • polyester, recyceltem polyester
  • polyamide
  • natural fibers like wool, alpaca etc.
  • and many other qualities.

Modern machine park

  • EAT plant
  • dobby and jacquard weaving machines
  • rapier and air-jet weaving machines
  • single and double beam warp system
  • sample warping and sample weaving machine


  • textile finishing, high-grade finishing
  • flame and adhensive lamination
  • cutting by knife, ultrasound, laser

Fabric examples

What you can expect

We bring technology and design together

We have experience in design, we know trends and styles. We like to incorporate this when it comes to developing designs for you that are as sophisticated as they are appealing. We take fashion aspects into account as early as the product development stage. CARTEX products combine functionality, versatility, sustainability and aesthetic appeal.

CARTEX products have the incorporated "Look & Feel".


Coordinated components

IBENA CARTEX develops and manufactures automotive textiles that meet the high technical and design requirements of leading car manufacturers such as AUDI, BMW, MERCEDES, OPEL, SKODA, TOYOTA, VOLVO and VW etc.. Here, it laminates, die-cuts or lasers the automotive textiles adapted to the requirements of the respective OEM or Tier 1 customers.

Cooperation principles

  • quality conscious, environment conscious and target price oriented development
  • unconditional reliability
  • flexibility and high speed of development
  • adherence to delivery dates for series start-up and series delivery

Development competence

We can bring our know-how to bear at almost any point in the development process, from the first design draft to series production. We design material and fabric construction, weaving technology and finishing, lamination and cutting. In this way, we can control the entire production process - with implementing our high quality standards, taking ecological considerations into account, and paying attention to cost optimization.

We can draw on our own textile laboratory for support.