"Creativity needs space and structure"

Since the foundation of IBENA Textilwerke in 1826, we have been firmly linked to the local area of the city of Bocholt and the neighboring community of Rhede. While the fashionable home textiles division of IBENA Interior GmbH is located in Bocholt, the technical textiles are produced and marketed in Rhede.

The IBENA signature can also be seen on the outside, which also gives our locations their typical IBENA traditional flair. It is the signature of the interior architect Marcel Beckmann, the brother of the current managing director, who has also been designing IBENA's trade fair presentations for decades. See: www.sohoarchitekten.de

The physical proximity creates an atmosphere that promotes creativity and facilitates the exchange of ideas among each other.

Regular exchanges between the Rhede and Bocholt sites force the transfer of synergies from both areas, giving IBENA a significant competitive edge.